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    The hospitality industry has identified HR (Human Resource) as one in four of the most critical issues challenging the industry in the next decade.

    An influencer in the hospitality industry has identified the need for a new position called Director of Social Order (DSO) to deal with the complexity of the modern guest from every generation. In our globalised and interconnected world, technology plays a huge part in our travelling experiences and most guests want to be connected 24/7 and cannot live without their smartphones which is no longer just in a hand held device, it is also now wearable as a watch, a ring, a pen and glasses. Part-host, part-lawmaker and part-sociologist, the DSO will speak a variety of languages, have a good ear for music, a keener eye for identifying problems and create rule to maintain civil order and enforce them diplomatically. The ideal candidate for this position will have a real presence, be at least 180cm in height, and should look great in a kaftan in the late afternoon.

    To all hoteliers with this challenging HR requirement, the go-to person for DSO applications is a trusted career advisor to hoteliers all around the world for more than 30 years. Mark Norris continues to play a crucial role behind the scenes helping successful companies attract great leadership. He can be reached at

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    Hmmm, what kind of background would you hire from to need that many different skill sets? Can’t imagine it would be easy to find someone that ticks all those boxes.


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