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    “For many companies around the world, the luxury of choosing whether or not to plan sustainability at the centre of operations is quickly becoming untenable.
    Consumers have taken charge of the market and are driving change very fast. PricewaterhouseCoopers, for instance, found in a recent study that 92 per cent of American consumers only buy from responsible companies. And that behaviour is quickly spreading across the globe.”

    “That paradigm shift is here to stay, according to Nike Sustainability and Innovation expert, Mauricio Esteves. Mr Esteves is confident that doing good by doing good business will soon be the norm in many markets around the world. The consensus is that, for companies to survive in the future they will have to embrace the concept of corporate sustainability, which in the long run leads to more responsible businesses.”

    Today, if a customer has to tell you to green your business, then you are too late. The empowered consumers vote and book hotels with their wallets and influence change with their mobile device worldwide.


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