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Alexa Poortier is the Founder of It Must Be NOW, a legacy project with a mission to boldly advance sustainability, social responsibility and principled business practice in the travel industry to help it to transform and thrive.

Alexa’s professional experience spans 35 years in senior management roles within the hospitality industry, media and PR in the areas of business development, marketing, communications and hotel operations in Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East and South America. She understands the challenges and impacts of global business having co-founded a hotel consultancy and in her past role as VP, Business Development and Marketing for News Corp’s Star TV, Sumitomo’s Jet TV and CNBC (previously ABN). As Group Director with O&M and Edelman/JMA PR, Alexa managed brand communication campaigns for international accounts in Taiwan, China and HK; and gained operational hotel experience with hotels in Canada and Hong Kong.

At this most urgent of times, Alexa believes that each of us have the responsibility to act now to help keep our planet healthy for us and future generations. Knowing the positive and negative impacts of travel and the crisis of trust in our world, It Must Be NOW inform, inspire and empower travellers to use their spending power to drive global change and only support truly sustainable travel experiences.