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Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin

Restaurant Latour in the Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin has a spectacular view overlooking the beach of Noordwijk. It is ‘the place’ to enjoy and relax where our staff will welcome you with genuine warm hospitality. It is our passion to create memorable and delicious haute cuisine that is delightfully served with desirable wines. After launching in 1990, our ambition was awarded with a Michelin Star in 2005, a proud achievement we have had renewed annually ever since. However, it is the praise and enjoyment of our esteemed guests that inspire the most pride in me. I aim to maintain our Michelin Star status and to create innovative and nourishing cuisine that bind traditions and international trends. Our passion extends to sustainability, the wellbeing of people and planet. ‘From-sea and farm-to-table-to-farm’ … our seafood is sustainably sourced locally to support our fishermen, and vegetables and herbs come from our community farm. We are conscious of not being wasteful, ensuring that any organic material is composted back to the farm. Restaurant Latour’s outstanding wine cellar includes both famous and traditional winemakers, as well as small-scaled Dutch wineries. Our Sommelier’s pairing recommendations will add a special dimension to your culinary voyage. I feel privileged to offer you an unforgettable evening with extraordinary culinary highlights and I hope you enjoy my favorite Sea Bass dish as much as I do.

Recipe Skin Baked Sea Bass, Glaced in Miso, Fried Oysters and a Jong Jenever (Dutch Gin) sauce.

Ingredients (4 people) 4 fillets of cod of 70 grams per piece, 8 oysters including the shells, 100 grams sushi rice, 1 slice of nori, 2 dl cream, 3 dl sake, 1 shallot (chopped), 2 dl fish fond, 1 crop lettuce, Sesame oil, Panko, Enoki mushrooms.

For the miso glace 50 grams miso, 50 grams sugar, 50 ml Jonge Jenever (Dutch gin), 25 ml soy sauce, 15 ml rice vinegar, Dash of ginger juice.


  • Bake the shallots and add the sake, fish fond and cream.

  • Cook until the sauce thickens and add pepper and salt.

  • Cook the sushi rice and add sugar and rice vinegar to taste.

  • Place a ring on the nori slice and add the sushi rice in the ring and press until it forms a circle – do this for 4 rounds.

  • Mix the ingredients for the miso glace.

  • Cook this for a short while and let it cool off to room temperature.

  • Blanch the lettuce and let it cool off.

  • Pick off the leaves and place these on the table.

  • Cover the leaves with sesame oil, pepper and salt. Roll them to an small roll and cut 8 smaller rolls out of these.

  • Cover with butter and place them in a warm oven with the sushi.

  • Bake the sea bass in olive oil until the skin is crispy.

  • Place the sea bass in the oven until cooked and cover with the miso glace.

  • Cover the oysters with the panko and deep fry until crispy.

  • Place the sea bass on a plate, add the sushi on the side and top off with the oysters.

  • Place the lettuce rolls next to the sushi together with the enoki mushrooms, covered with some of the sauce on top of the enoki and add the rest of the sauce on the plate.

Koningin Astrid Boulevard 5, 2202 BK, Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands

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About the Chef

Marcel van Lier

Marcel van Lier Chef

Marcel van Lier with more than 20 years of experience is Latour’s chef de cuisine since the year 2000. He is inspired by the tastes of all parts of the world. His outstanding talent for refined cuisine together with both handpicked and the purest of ingredients are the basis for Latour’s artful gourmet creations.

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