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UK - Wiltshire
Whatley Manor Hotel

Whatley Manor is set in the beautiful Cotswolds - surrounded by absolutely stunning gardens. With 3 restaurants including a 2 Michelin starred restaurant - where they cook a state of the art energy efficient kitchen and have their own beef farm on site where they source their cows - run by the local hobby farmer Tom - all their produce is locally sourced where possible and even their plates and bowls are replaced with sustainable solutions like bowls made from recycled coconuts.

They have clever solutions like using the warm air being pumped out of the extractor fan from the kitchen to blow out on to the planted herb and vegetable nursery they have out the back to stop the plants from freezing in the colder months. You visit their lush green house and see all the vibrant vegetables and herbs they are growing to be used in their restaurant kitchens.

Throughout the evening the amazing sommelier brought us delicious wine pairings = all of which were natural wines many sulphate free and many amazing wines from the UK.

In the bathrooms you'll find delicious Molten Brown products and that single use plastic is a thing of the past! They have special water efficient shower heads fitted in the showers providing you with an amazing shower experience but saving a huge amount of water.

The Spa has divine thermal baths and an amazing pool, again they have made huge efforts to conserve water in their spa and switch to locally made natural products when having a therapy.

The staff are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people I have ever come across at a hotel, this adds a hugely important element to an already wonderful experience - making you feel good inside as well as outside!

If you're committed to sustainability, but looking for luxury, comfort, and a generally uplifting experience, Whatley Manor would be an amazing place to stay.

Whatley Manor, Easton Grey, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN160RB, United Kingdom

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About the Traveller

Jeya Lorenz

Jeya Lorenz Social Media Specialist

Jeya is a digital Nomad working on sustainability projects around the world - she has lived in 6 different countries - and loves exploring different plants and climates - thinking about how climate change will impact us in these different environments in the future and how as travellers we can work to support the local communities wherever we go.

Living Positively


The warmth and humour of the lovely staff meant we giggled and joked and I had a permanent smile on my face at every moment!


They had a calligraphy workshop on whilst we were there!


The rose garden is simply beautiful and river of Avalon stream that runs down the bottom of the property is dreamy!


The insanely good food and wine! From our beetroot carpaccio to our poached pears to our home reared beef and all natural wines - this restaurant certainly deserves its Michelin stars (and more).

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