Cookstove Projects
(Energy Efficiency)

Carbon Avoidance | Energy Demand – Household Devices

Gold Standard Impact Registry - GS11551

Description: The project involves the distribution of bio-ethanol fuel improved cookstoves (ICS) and promotes its use for cooking purposes in the neighborhoods of Lingwala, a commune of Kinshasa in DRC, in Zambia and in Zimbabwe.

Co-Benefit: Improves heath and well-being. Better aesthetic, cleaner and more energy efficient than using wood fuel that consume high quantities of non-renewable woody biomass (charcoal & fuelwood). It reduces deforestation. Improves indoor air quality and reduces green-house-gas and particulate emissions released
into the atmosphere. Women are empowered and girls can go to school with reduced time to collect firewood. More energy efficient. Reduces deforestation.

CO2 Benefit: Reduces green-house-gas emissions.

$21.00 USD / Carbon Credit(offsets 1 tCO2e)

Zimbabwe | Vintage: 2021+ | Available Q3 2023, Available Q4 2023