Cookstove Projects
(Energy Efficiency)

Carbon Avoidance | Energy Demand – Household Devices

Gold Standard Impact Registry - GS10884

Description: The project involves distribution of bio-ethanol fuel cookstoves and promote its use for cooking purposes in households, and build the renewable fuel network infrastructure through repurposing existing oil tanks so that no household has to walk more than 200 metres to collect their renewable fuel source. KOKO enable distribution of high efficiency ethanol cookstoves and last-mile delivery of bio-ethanol fuel to the target customers through a network of fuel-ATMs (KOKOpoints) installed in local shops.

Co-Benefit: Improve heath and well-being, and indoor air quality. Better aesthetic, cleaner and more energy efficient than using traditional, unimproved cookstoves in open fire which consume high quantity of non-renewable woody biomass (charcoal & fuelwood). Improves indoor air quality and reduces the green-house-gas and particulate emissions released into the atmosphere. It reduces deforestation. Women are empowered and girls can go to school with reduced time to collect firewood. More energy efficient. Reduces deforestation.

CO2 Benefit: Reduces green-house-gas emissions.

25.5 EUR / Carbon Credit(offsets 1 tCO2e)

Kenya | Vintage: 2021+ | Available