Water Purification

Carbon Avoidance | Energy demand - Household Devices

Verra Impact Registry – ID 2581

Description: The project’s purpose is the dissemination of water purifiers to households using the traditional and/or conventional cookstoves to boil water with woodfuel in the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam.

Co-Benefit: Improve heath and well-being. Prevent waterborne illness. Improves indoor air quality and lessen GHG and particulate emissions released into the atmosphere. Women empowered and girls can go to school with reduced time to collect firewood. Affordable price for water, easy and cheaper access to water. More energy efficient. Reduces deforestation.

CO2 Benefit: Reduces green-house-gas emissions. Avoids emissions caused by the boiling of water collected from open sources and the burning of fuelwood.

$19.00 USD / Carbon Credit(offsets 1 tCO2e)

Vietnam | Vintage: 2021+ | Available