Welcome to the NOW Force for Good Alliance!

When you start your sustainability journey with us, NOW will be available to support your team. NOW will show you the path to undertake in the coming months towards becoming a more sustainable company which will entail some efforts and alignment in the way a hotel team works and behave.

NOW will provide tools that builds on the foundation of an accredited sustainability certification programme and elevates its communication potential for all stakeholders involved.

NOW makes it easier for hotels to be sustainable and we have simplified the process ... simply complete A, B and C. A detailed presentation will be scheduled after Registration.

In consideration of the environment, all communications will be digital. Thank you.

Download - NOW Force for Good Alliance - 2020 Offer to the Hospitality Industry (Summary)
Download - NOW Force for Good Alliance - Starting Guide (Summary)
Download - NOW Force for Good Alliance – Starting Guide (Detailed)
Download - 2020 EarthCheck Offsite Certification Assessment due to COVID-19 Restrictions Note: If you are already a registered user, please Login to continue Step 2 - APPLICATION SUBMISSION.

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