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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme
  • Managed independently with own CSR
  • Programme Name - Merchants Manor CSR
  • 5 years of certification
  • No independent audit
Management Company - Corporate Sustainability Programme
  • Managed independently with Company Sustainability Programme
  • Programme Name - Merchants Manor CSR
  • 5 years of certification
  • No independent audit

Carbon Footprint

Year: 2018

Direct Emissions N/A
Indirect Emissions N/A
Total Emissions N/A
Carbon Offset Activity N/A
Carbon Footprint N/A
  • Direct Emissions + Indirect Emissions = Total Emissions - Carbon Offsets = Carbon Footprint
  • Indirect emissions includes business air and ground travel of employees, freight deliveries and waste (food, packaging and water).
  • To be Carbon Neutral or Carbon Zero, hotels should use Renewable Energy, reduce carbon where possible and carbon offset the rest.
Sustainability Benchmark
  • The organisation has a formal sustainability policy in place.
  • The level and type of operations and their potential impact on the local environment (social, economic, environment) has been documented.
  • A green team exists and a coordinator has been appointed.
  • Staff receive training on sustainability and responsible business management.
  • Sourcing of local goods and services including local employment is actively supported.
  • The organisation is aware of and complies with all regulatory requirements (including but not limited to environmental, social, cultural, quality, health and safety).
  • An up to date legal compliance register is in place.

The hotel has prepared and implemented a comprehensive communication strategy to accurately inform all internal and external stakeholders on their environmental and social sustainability policy programs and responsible business initiatives.

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