NOW Force for Good Alliance

A marketing alliance of inspiring and responsible properties that delivers a high
standard of hospitality in a sustainable way and provide a positive social,
economic and environmental impact on the community.

WHY become a member?

To have a differentiation that reinforce values and integrity. To engage the biggest generation of
travellers and influencers. To have a brilliant tool for all stakeholders that raises the bar on
accountability and transparency around sustainability with no greenwash allowed.

WHY we do it?

To drive transformative change in attitudes and behavior whereby the acceptance of poor
environmental and social performance are no longer acceptable. To boldly advance
sustainability, social responsibility and principled business practice in the travel industry.



Message From NOW Chairman & CEOONNO Poortier

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Sustainable Tourism Matter

Climate Action Countdown to 2020

Today, our planet is 1° Celcius (33.8° Fahrenheit) hotter than pre-industrial levels. How much hotter can we get?





By January 2020, the 195 countries* that signed the 2015 Paris
Agreement must fully implement their country’s commitment to:
Carbon Mitigation, Transparency, Loss and Damage, and Support. Read more

Carbon Calculator and Offset Programme

Will Be Available By June 2019

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