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NOW Track & Book

NOW Track & Book

Use your spending power to help change our world when you travel with the brand new NOW Track & Book. Positively lit and radical, it’s a resource of carefully-selected hotels, resorts and lodges that will help you to make smarter, sustainable choices when you travel. It must be NOW!


Build the new NOW Track & Book with us. Post your favourite places to stay and tell them to join NOW so our community can find and support them. 

NOW Track & Book

Tough Questions To Ask Before You Book

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The Get-Together issue

(Issue No14 - 2018)

A cup of clean water with
Francesca von Habsburg

This month, NOW talks to Francesca von Habsburg, the founder of Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Foundation that believes art has the capacity to be a transformational force. The TBA21 Collection includes large scale installations, sound compositions, endurance performances and contemporary architecture,...

Giving back: Send us your travel experiences

As a child, our family holidays were the definition of a ‘fly and flop’ vacation. We’d exit the airport, head to the resort and rarely venture beyond the gates until home time. Days would be spent lounging by the pool...

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NOW Community

The NOW Forum is our 'global public square' where you are welcome to rally for open discussions, learn new things, stand up for your beliefs, ask questions and disagree in ways that embrace multiple discourses, ideas and voices.



Born This Way

By Lady Gaga

In this song, the whole world is inside you ... in your perspectives and in your heart.

That to be able to find peace, you must be at peace with yourself first; and to truly enjoy life, you must enjoy who you are.

Cristina Bastian
Vijayashree ‘Diamond’ Shaktawat,
Jaipur, India
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