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The Loving Issue

(Issue No10 – 2018)

A cup of clean water with
Renée Elliott

This month NOW talks to Renée Elliott, the organic pioneer who opened the first organic supermarket Planet Organic, writes brilliant cookbooks and works with women through her new business, Beluga Bean. One word that describes you? Thoughtful. In your own...

Giving back: Young global citizens make a stand against single use plastic

Global citizenship is a way of living that recognises that we all live in an interdependent world and that our choices and actions may have impacts for people and communities. It nurtures respect for self and others wherever they live...

NOW Forum

NOW Community

The NOW Forum is our 'global public square' where you are welcome to rally for open discussions, learn new things, stand up for your beliefs, ask questions and disagree in ways that embrace multiple discourses, ideas and voices.

NOW Track & Book

Positively lit and radical, NOW Track & Book helps you to make smarter choices on where to go and who to stay with for a more sustainable travel experience.

It’s new and we’d like to build the NOW Track & Book tool with you.  Post in the NOW Forum and tell us your favourite inspiring places to stay … and tell them to join the NOW Force for Good Alliance so our community can find and support them. 

The NOW Track & Book isn’t just another traveller tool that find, track, offset, book direct and applaud the good. It’s a traveller tool about changing our world.

It must be NOW!

Going live by end of February 2018

Tough Questions To Ask Before You Book



Road of Resistance

By Baby Metal

A song about never giving up by a group that many thought could never possibly exist. I mean really, mixing Japanese idol pop with Heavy Metal! Yet the results turned out amazing, with Road of Resistance being their crowning achievement in my opinion. If something like this out there can come into being, why not our empowered dreams here at NOW for a better tomorrow? 

Tyler Kirk,
Ontario, Canada
Be inspiring. Post the song that empowers and inspires you … and tell us why it moves you.
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