Our Big Questions

Net Zero by 2050 is ‘too little too late’?

Accelerate to achieve Climate Positive.

Countries that violate human rights

Countries that Violate Human Rights

Modern slavery: A hidden, every day problem.

Exploitation in Travel and Tourism

Situations our consciences can’t ignore

Overtourism: The Canary in the Coalmine?

How much more tourism can the world take?

Is carbon offsetting worth it

Is Carbon Offsetting Worth It?

The right thing or an avoidance technique?

Are We Eco-wakening?

Climate Positive is Carbon Negative.

Are natural and human systems pushed beyond their ability to adapt?

Ominous IPCC report urge more action NOW

Are Airlines Trustworthy or Misleading on Voluntary Carbon Offsets?

Research exposes the good, the bad and the ugly.

Are major airlines acting on climate change?

Little on achievement. Big on creative PR.

Tourism Desperately Wants a Return to the ‘Old Normal’?

It would be a disaster.

Climate inaction … Guilty or Not Guilty?

Net Zero by 2050 is too late

How Do You Feel About Travel This Summer?

Demand vital shifts in attitudes and behaviour.

What is the Future of Work in the Hotel industry?

Time to rethink and do better

Is There Hope in Hell?

2021 is the decisive year

Is Regenerative Tourism Better and Smarter?

Leaving a place better than you found it.

What do conscious travellers want today?

Difficult times call for difficult questions and uncomfortable conversations.

Is LGBT travel getting more dangerous?

Do your research and stay safe, say experts…..

Nature’s Red Card?

Why we must tackle overpopulation NOW

Can the Coronavirus Change the Travel Industry for the Better?

Triggering bold change in attitude and behavior

Travel Uncertainty in the Face of COVID-19?

The Facts – what should you really do?

Why Educate a Girl?

Changing worlds in the Atlas Mountains


5 Ways to Save the Earth – Are You Part of The Solution?

Young Gen Z connect the dots

Climate Justice NOW

Where Are We with Sustainable Travel In 2020?

Key travel writers and thinkers give their honest thoughts

The Climate is Changing

With so many climate movements happening right now which ones should you support?

With so many climate movements happening right now which ones should you support?

NOW Transforming Travel

How Can We Help Save Familiar Wildlife?

Nearly an 8th of all life on the planet is under threat


What is Flight Shame?

People need to fly less, period

Climate Emergency

Will the Rich Ever Step Up?

Will the rich ever step up?

The NOW Guide to Ocean Plastics

We are drowning in the plastic we’ve depended on for too long

Earth Overshoot Day – Let’s Move the Date

The date just got earlier, again

Books to change the way you see the planet

Top 5 Books to Change the Way You See the Planet (and Yourself)

Pack one of these in your suitcase

Tulip FLower Parade

15 Genuine Ways to Help Change the World

Let’s stop the grand but empty gestures

Carnival Cruise

The Floating Cities we Can’t Ignore

Cruise liners are hugely harmful to people and planet


Greta Thunberg is Right – We Need to Panic

The brave Swedish teenager on climate change

Heat Map

Why Half a Degree is a Big Deal to Travellers

We have until 2030 for global warming to be kept to 1.5C (34.7F)

Stop Sucking

Stop Sucking

Hotels don’t need to contribute to plastic waste

The NOW Guide to Disappearing Cultures

The world is losing its cultural diversity

Palm oil and deforestation

Can We Have Palm Oil Without Deforestation?

Slash and burn for the world’s cheapest oil

NOW guide to Overtourism

The NOW Guide to Overtourism

It’s time to seriously cap the numbers

US National Parks Under Siege

NOW reports on a key issue for sustainable tourism

NOW guide to the end of paradise

The NOW Guide to the End of Paradise

The travel industry is expert at selling us a myth

Banyan Tree

Can Tourism Help Save Coral Reefs?

Genuine sustainable tourism projects can help save our coral reefs

The NOW guide to sustainable traveller

The NOW Guide to Sustainable Travel

How can we effect real change?

Can TripAdvisor really be trusted?

Can TripAdvisor Really be Trusted?

It’s time the online travel industry was accountable

Looking Ahead - Think Piece

Where are we with Sustainable Travel in 2017?

Top travel editors and writers share their thoughts

Looking Ahead - Change Matters NOW

Hurricanes – Waking up to Climate Change

Weather reminds us what needs to change

Sustainable Development Goals

The Year of Sustainable Tourism

Was anything changing by 2017?

You can save a child

You Can Save a Child

Child abuse that’s a direct result of tourism

9 Things we don’t want to see on our travels

9 Things We Don’t Want to See

From rubbish piles to teenage prostitution

Do hotels care about sustainability?

Do Hotels Care About Sustainability?

Hotels have the power to effect real sustainable change

Get on with greening golf

Get on With Greening Golf

Golfing hotels are stuck in an unsustainable past.

B Corp

The Story of B Lab

Profit with purpose

Earth Overshoot Day – 2nd August 2017

Earth Overshoot Day

Our planet goes into debt earlier each year

Can there possibly be such a thing as sustainable travel?

Can There Truly be Sustainable Travel?

Is the best thing not to travel at all?

I'm a traveller, Get me out of here

Get Me Out of Here

Mass travel is unsustainable travel

Sustainability - It's time to wake up

It’s Time to Wake Up

Our current sustainability efforts aren’t enough

Simplify sustainability certification

Let’s Simplify Sustainability Certification

Travellers need transparency and proof

8 things that are killing our planet

8 Things that are Killing Our Planet

What’s in need of our attention?

What’s sustainability in 2017

What is Sustainability?

The global green issues facing us today

Greenwashing explained

What is Green Washing?

The dark side of sustainable travel